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History Of Doonwood Engineering

Mike Cunningham began Doonwood Engineering in 1972 after serv­ing aboard the Cable Ship Long Line and has been a very successful entrepreneur, having expanded the company beyond the State of Hawaii to include the entire Pacific Region. Its’ reputation has been built on its’ comprehensive approach to customers mechanical system problems, accurate analysis and resolution and most important strong service support around the clock. Our customers have TOUGH jobs that must be han­dled without interruption of critical services and on a tight budget. Doonwood has proven to be a valuable partner to customers who rely on 24-hours service 365 days of the year. Being client driven, we will do whatever it takes to do the job right the first time. Our commitment to every customer assures total satisfaction with our services.

Personal Message From Mike Cunningham, President and CEO

There were many reasons why Thomas Cunningham and Mary Keeley left their village of Doonwood, Ireland in 1919. Among them was the desire to find work that was scarce in Ireland due to the aftermath of famine. During this time the flow of immigrants from all over Europe continued to swell in America. They came in search of a better life and opportunities not available in their native countries.

Thomas and Mary settled in Boston, Massachusetts, were married and raised a family. Their introduc­tion to America was similar to the thousands of others who struggled to win acceptance in a country resistant to the tremendous increase in the immigrant population.

In spite of opposition, my parents put down roots and became an important thread in the fabric of the new American Society. The children of these European settlers enjoyed benefits never available to their parents, but at the same time were raised in the value system of their immigrant parents. The Irish were known for their strong family unit, ability to accept adversity and turn it into opportunity, and the privi­lege of hard work

As a result of this upbringing, blessed by the advantages of a college education and an unquenchable desire to chart my own course, a new service company emerged in Honolulu in 1972.

Doonwood Engineering was named to honor my parents and their home in Ireland and it was founded on those same principles that were ingrained in me and include:

  • The Sovereignty of God

  • Every challenge is an opportunity

  • Hard work is an honorable pursuit

  • Personal relations are more important than material gain


Reflecting on our past, I remain committed to these same principles which have molded Doonwood and myself and will continue to define the character of our firm in the future. I am honored by the confidence our customers have demonstrated in us and remain committed to meeting their future needs with pro­fessionalism and fairness.         

Mike Cunningham
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